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"An Impossible Victory" is a story about one man's relentless pursuit to expose corruption within state medical boards, the New Jersey state courts and government. It follows the journey of physician Richard Arjun Kaul, MD, as he fights his way back from professional annihilation. "An Impossible Victory" is a David v. Goliath tale, in which Richard, a highly qualified surgeon, who despite his lack of legal training, achieved unprecedented legal milestones. It is the story of a man, who overcame adversity in childhood, and entered at the age of eighteen, one of the world's top medical schools. A poor Indian immigrant, raised in Britain in the 1970s, who fought racism. A man who was orphaned by the age of sixteen and who, in 1999, challenged the British Government in a landmark legal case. This caused a retaliatory prosecution by the Crown Prosecution Service. A criminal case tried at the Old Bailey, that could have resulted in Richard spending life in jail. He walked out of the court a free man. In September 2001 he returned to the United States, having previously left in 1995. He rose to the top of the field of minimally invasive spine surgery. It was from this pinnacle, that in 2012, he was attacked and his life destroyed by jealous physicians. By 2016, he rose from the ashes of his life, but in the world of law, a Phoenix-like rise that destroyed the political career of Christopher J. Christie. The story describes how the most powerful corporations and individuals in the United States, including Geico, a corporation owned by Warren Buffet, Allstate and Senator Schumer, sought to obstruct Richards prosecution of a federal racketeering lawsuit. "An Impossible Victory" is a story that weaves together the worlds of medicine, law, business and politics at the highest levels. It is a story of resilience and one man's search for justice.


The defendants in Kaul v Christie forced the world's largest audio book platform, ACX, a subsidiary of AMAZON, to suppress the publication of the book. It was eventually released by Findaway Voices on Scribd.

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