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DOREEN BETTENS: "I have been recommending Dr. Kaul to people for many years" ...ANTHONY CECALA: "Dr. Kaul is a good man and doctor, who has treated several people I know including my own family. He has done so with professionalism and great success" ...KATHLEEN CALABRESE: "I have been a patient of Dr. Kaul's for the past 10 years. He is the best doctor I have ever been to" ...BARBARA BETTENS: "It soon became obvious to all who worked with him that he was extremely knowledgeable and adept at his line of work" ... SAMMY BAEZ: "I am extremely grateful to Dr. Kaul for delivering extraordinary care, great advice, through follow-ups and a dedicated staff. Dr. Kaul has an exceptional personality ... At each appointment I feel good because I'm treated with respect, kindness and he's always courteous" ... GEORGE APWAH: "Dr. Kaul is a very good doctor" ... CARRIE ACKERMAN: "Dr. Kaul was very nice, professional, and showed lots of concern. He has helped manage my pain allowing me to be able to do daily activities" ... MICHAEL TFANK: "He [Dr. Kaul] has always provided the highest standard of care and as important empathy and concern" ... VALERIE TFANK: "Dr. Kaul was able to provide me with a quality of life I did not have. He is compassionate and professional" ... GORDON SPRAGUE: "If Dr. Kaul had not done the surgery that he did I believe I would be in a wheelchair today" ... ALVARAM SANOGUEL: "Dr. Kaul is a very great and caring doctor. Without him, only God knows if I would have been able to walk again" ... DENNIS SANDFORT: "I would not let any other doctor operate on me but Dr. Richard Kaul" ... "JEAN SANDFORT: "He is not only an incredible doctor but cares very deeply and sincerely for the well being of his patients" ... PHYLLIS PROEHL: I credit Dr. Kaul for his treatment, knowledge, and encouragement to me, without this I don't think I would be alive today"
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