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"On a personal level, I know Dr. Kaul to be a very intelligent and considerate individual ... His whole manner from start to finish was professional and caring ... I was impressed by the caring manner he expressed when I told him that I was incredibly nervous ... Indeed, other patients at the hospital commented that they too were most impressed with him ... I found him to be extremely informed and willing to answer any of my queries and questions in a straightforward and knowledgeable manner ... I owe my life to Dr. Kaul ... My experience with this doctor has been very positive, he was caring, considerate and competent if it had not been for his rapid response I would probably not be here today ... I can honestly state that we find him a conscientious doctor who is very caring and committed to his work ... I have been happy with Richard's work at the surgery in the past, and would be more than happy for him to continue in the future ... From my experience of Dr. Kaul, I believe that when faced with a situation where a patient becomes medically distressed while under anesthesia, Dr. Kaul would have coped with it in a calm, authoritative and competent manner ... He was confident and competent and never compromised the safety of our patients ... His technical skills as an anesthetist are excellent and he was always a caring + compassionate professional ... I have always found Dr. Kaul a very capable and competent doctor ... Richard was always in absolute control ... In my opinion his personal attitude to the work carried out was both highly ethical and well motivated regarding patient care ... Within the interventional pain community Dr. Kaul has always had the reputation of being a highly skilled and technically competent physician who takes the welfare of his patients very seriously ... I have known Dr. Kaul professionally for six years and have had the opportunity to witness him perform both interventional pain and minimally invasive spine surgical procedures with great technical skills ... Dr. Kaul is a respected physician within the interventional pain community ... Dr. Kaul has been at the forefront of interventional spine speciality and has been instructor to other physicians in the field."
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