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Humanitarian Indian physician contributes to the intellectual and leadership future of the democrati

Dr Richard Arjun Kaul, a prominent Indian physician, well known philanthropist and pioneer in Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery personally donated the seed capital for the 300 Initiative commencing September 1 2013. This groundbreaking educational program will provide financial and logistics support to youth and emerging leaders in the DRC.

The CLI was founded in 2010 by Cornell graduate Nathaniel Houghton whose socially responsible motivation and global outlook provided the inspiration and foundation for the now influential program. Mr.Houghton who will be commencing an MBA at Harvard in September 2014 states ‘I see the future of our planet in the heart and souls of young Congolese and have been profoundly impressed with their determination, courage and ability in the face of sometimes overwhelming odds. They are a true inspiration and to date through the Congo Leadership Initiative we have with the help of Dr.Kaul sponsored 300 young leaders with larger educational plans for the future.’and then went on to say’that he would like to thank Dr.Kaul for his commitment and support to the CLI”

The Spine Africa Project is a US based 501 c 3 charity, established by Dr.Richard Arjun Kaul in 2008 and whose mission is to provide healthcare, education and social change to the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Dr.Kaul states’ I have always been very impressed with Nathaniel’s work and commendable efforts in bringing the most valuable of all resources, education, to the next generation of African leaders and it is my firmly held belief that Africa is the future and a place where the American Spirit of independence and hard work thrives’ adding that ‘he wishes Nathaniel and the CLI the best of luck for all their future projects’.

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