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A Comedy Of Christie Errors

At times the communications originating from the Christie Administration touting his credentials as US presidential material are simultaneously surreal and must raise the question in the minds of the majority of sane voters as to whether this man has actually lost his marbles. King George VI went completely insane due to a deficiency in one the enzymes responsible for keeping his brain cells insulated. These cells are referred to as Schwann cells and are the neurological equivalent of the insulation tubing that keeps water pipes from bursting in the winter. Now without casting too many unsubstantiated claims it is my medical opinion within a reasonable degree of medical probability that the lap banding surgery has done the same thing to the Schwann cells belonging to Mr. Christie and it is my deeply held concern that his medical condition will get progressively worse. This is indeed a sobering thought, the possibility that a man with a mental affliction might end up in charge of a button that could commence a nuclear war. Mr. Christie, in one of his rabble rousing and at times confused King George-esque speeches threatened to start a war with both Syria and Russia. One can only imagine the comical thoughts running through the mind of Vladimir Putin as he became informed of this new ‘threat’ from the peace-loving west. To gauge the full extent of the insanity that has sadly descended upon Mr.Christie one need only read about the persistently antagonistic moves he is making against his own people in New Jersey. From the misappropriation of monies from the pension fund belonging to the teachers, police officers and firefighters, the acceptance of bribes from all sectors of industry including the neurosurgical community, and the failure to implement laws that would have limited carbon emission and protected the environment, Mr. Christie has an absolutely dismal record. As if not to make matters worse he vehemently opposed the issues of same sex marriage and the legalization of medical marijuana both of which have now become laws in many other states with the same sex matter becoming a federal law. This has got to be a humiliating series of defeats for a man who is so sure of his political abilities. Clearly his judgment and vision are out of sync with the majority of Americans and he has made himself look like the cognitively impaired child that just cannot get into any party. A scenario deserving nothing but sympathy. An article in the Bergen Record dated June 27th 2015 and written by Salvador Rizzo brings attention to the many schemes and acts of political cronyism that now define Christie and his administration. The writer cites a specific example of a so called ‘power broker’ by the name of George Norcross, who happens to be both a Democrat and the president of a hospital in Camden New Jersey, who due to his ability to drum up political donations to Christie was able to persuade his chum to pass legislation that enriched his hospital. This was not however the case for a local hospital competitor, Virtua Health, that made no political contributions to the campaign coffers of Christie. There is no difference between this type of ‘legalized’ extortion and the variety employed by the now defunct Italian Mafia, and what should be a clear lesson for Mr. Christie is that the organization upon which he seems to have fashioned his state government ended up in tatters with its henchmen spending the remainder of their lives eating prison food. The irony here is that when he is sent to jail, after the Bridget Kelley testimony in November that will conclusively prove he ordered the closure of the three lanes leading into the GWB, he will at some point in the future be released and have to then spend some time at one of the halfway houses he both neglected and siphoned monies from in the early part of his first tenure as governor. For Mr. Christie to place himself under the kind of forensic scrutiny that will surely commence with his announcement that he is running for the US presidency is consistent with the ailment of insanity, and in fact what he should be spending his time pursuing is help from a psychiatrist, who would no doubt advise against any public appearances that might result in him having to answer the question of whether he received money from a group of wealthy neurosurgeons. This line of enquiry would naturally lead onto questions about whether or not he took the money on the understanding that he was going to order the New Jersey medical board to suspend the medical license of Dr.Richard Arjun Kaul. His response could only be a simple yes or no. Any other prevarication would be considered an admission of guilt to which he has obviously given no consideration. America learnt its lesson with Richard Nixon and the clumsy manner in which he both committed a crime and then attempted to cover it up, which is exactly how history will remember Mr. Christie and his cohorts. The predictability of dictators has been demonstrated throughout history and without exception they have all met an ignominious end. Admittedly with individuals such as Hitler and Stalin it took some time and an appalling amount of bloodshed but eventually their day came. Fortunately that type of atrocity will not be allowed to occur with Christie and his vacuous threats of violence, because he will not ever be given the keys to the Whitehouse. Rest assured.

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