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The Guardian Interview

The ninety minute interview with Guardian journalist, Alex Hannford, used the biography,Arjun Rising, as the reference point. Hannaford conducted the interview on June 12th 2014 in the conference room of the NJSR corporate office in Bloomfield, New Jersey,USA.

Having listened to the recording several times what is clear is the fact that Hannaford was simply outclassed intellectually. He probably attended a British comprehensive school and then a low-level polytechnic in some middle class region of the UK. He is in possesion of an estuary accent which is generally associated with those individuals that lived and worked around English ports. Hannford seemed rather bitter about the amount of sex I had had the fortune to procure in my life and oddly attacked me for the emotional distance I kept in my relationships. It was not hard to see why he with his cherub cheeks and soft physique was starved of women.

Approximately forty years old he lived in Texas, at the time of the interview, but was planning on returning to the UK. He could not hide his resentment at my success which came through in his slightly bitter tone. To his credit, however, he did not allow his obvious emotional discordance to entirely cloud his ability to conduct the interview. His questions were good and probed a multitude of issues which ranged from the death of my mother to the death of Isatu Bangura. The interview ended with a brief discussion of my prior drug addiction and I am sure, that as a member of the British media, he must have spent a good amount of time snorting white powder. It was on this issue that he seemed most sympathetic.

He failed miserably to dehumanize my character despite using a photographer that portrayed me in the harshest possible light. Judging from his own website most of his prior intervieews were hapless victims of the US death penalty system or illierate immigrants. I wonder whether he assumed I would be an easy target. Hannaford was not prepared for the answers I gave and at times became flustered when my responses dismantled his line of reasoning. He would break out periodically into mild sweats and facial reddening.

We sat across a table from each other with our own voice recorders placed in the center of the table. The building is located in a bucolic office park in Bloomfield, New Jersey and the conference room faced east. A week before the interview I had asked Hannaford via e-mail if I could video record it. His reponse was that I could not, but his explanation was vague, confused and indicative of his ill intent. He did however agree that it could be audio recorded, which in my opinion was a foolish thing for him to agree to, considering his sinister intentions. He must have thought that I would not have the ability to subsequently publish the recording on the internet. A comparison of his written article and the audio file demonstrate a dishonest disparity that the British journalist could not have imagined would be publicized. He has definitely gotten a taste of his own medicine.

I had been interviewed by another British writer, Jon Swaine, who attended the 2013 hearing in the New Jersey office of administrative law. Swaine wrote for the Daily Mail and the The Guardian. His stories also played on my financial success in the US and were tinged with a hint of resentment at the fact that I had been able able to rebuild my life after the Bangura case. Swaine undoubtedly led Hannaford to my digital doorstep and while in Goa in February 2014 I received a call from the cherubic wordsmith who anxiously asked if I would grant him an interview. I allowed him to step into an arena in which he was oviously outmanuvered.

In the latter part of 2015 I sent e-mails to Swaine and Hannford after i discovered my website had been hacked. The Crysantime picture on the homepage had been linked to Hannaford's disparaging Guardian article and I assumed that it must have been someone at The Guardian. In retropspect and in the context of the criminal conduct of Christopher J Christie in the Jersyagate scandal I now believe it was the scandal plagued New Jersey politician/mafia wannabe.Hacking websites is small-fry compared to selling chemical wepaons to middle eastern terrorists.

In 2015 letters were sent to the two hapless journalists indicating that they might be called as witnesses in any legal proceedings that might ensue from complaints I had field with the International Criminal Court and the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Preet Bharara.Since then Hannaford has stopped opening any of my digital posts and Swaine seems to have vanished completely.I am sure they will rematerialize when they receive their court subpoenas.

The Guardian is a slightly left wing publication that has close ties with Tony Blair who is now under threat of criminal prosecution in the ICC as a war criminal. It was against the Blair Labor government that I fought in 1999 to obtain equivalency for my American medical training. The case attracted a significant amount of press attention, was highly politicized and was the immediate cause of the criminal prosecution brought against me by the Crown Prosecution Service. The trial at the Old Bailey in 2001 resulted in a conviction for medical manslaughter and was a detail of my life that both the US and UK media exploited, no doubt to increase their revenue.

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