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The insurance shakedown

Heinous white collar crimes are being committed against thousands of hard working doctors in the state of New Jersey and the problem has gotten so severe that many are now being forced to close their practices and either leave medicine or leave the state. This exodus of well intentioned physicians who have devoted their lives to helping the sick is a direct consequence of the predatory and intima dory practices of the auto insurance carriers such as Geico and Allstate. I have written extensively about this continued abuse of the medical profession by the excessively paid executives of the aforementioned companies whose salaries are often over $10,000,000 annually. It is unbelievable in a democracy such as America that this for of white-collar crime continues to exist and not much seems to have been done to curtail its socially destructive effects.

To explain to the lay person the angst and anger underpinning this modern day con one has to understand that the insurance rates in NJ are the highest in the US for no good reason other than the fact that a weak state government has given them carte blanche due to the political donating muscle. These carriers have essentially bought the state and are now running roughshod over both the doctors and its citizens. Every individual has a horror story with the insurance companies in which they will refuse to pay for legitimate injuries or damages despite having collected milllions in premiums over the years.

The situation with the medical profession has deteriorated to the point where practices are being closed, physicians are leaving and patients are being denied essential care. The daily denial of life saving remedies to patients in need is in my opinion criminal and the executives of these fraudulent companies need to be held to account. They must realize their denials cause the deaths of numerous patients who are routinely denied life saving care.

Physicians are well-intentioned people who have devoted their lives to helping others in pain and do their jobs with dedication and selflessness. It is right therefore that they are fairly remunerated for their services and for the insurance companies to not do so is tantamount to theft. They have been able to engage in this bad faith activity because they have neutered the state authorities with political donations. Another one of their transparent tactics is the abuse of the court system to file frivolous lawsuits against doctors in an attempt to avoid paying their bills for legitimately provided clinical services. This is part of their business strategy in which their actuaries calculate that the doctors will not have the resources to fight the case and will eventually walk away from the case. This modern day racket has been going on for too long and both the public and the honest politicians need to know about the insurance cancer.

To begin with there needs to be an independent body that has no connections, political or financial, with the insurance companies, an ombudsman that reviews complaints at a federal level considering these entities do business across state lines. Secondly the New Jersey public needs to start demonstrating and complaining to their political representatives about the abusive tactics employed by the insurance carries. There also needs to be a countrywide market for insurance products created in just the same way that the ACA did, to allow all US citizens to choose the most affordable policy instead of being held ransom by the crooks in NJ.

This situation is causing great damage to many citizens in this state while lining the pockets of the billionaires most of whom live in foreign countries to avoid paying US taxes. This is not what the founding father intended when they created a new country in their attempts to escape tyranny, which is exactly what is occurring with the mighty royal like insurance companies, which incidentally all lead back to Lloyds of London. It would seem that America never really gained any independence.

As anyone driving the busy freeways of the state of NJ must have noticed almost every other bus is emblazoned with adverts connecting ‘insurance fraud’ with prison. This is clearly an attempt to intimidate the population but as I have written before the only perpetrators of fraud are the ones wearing the $5000 silk suits sitting in the high rise offices of the insurance companies, as they collect their premiums and instruct their minions to deny, deny, deny.

Something went drastically very wrong with the administration of the US healthcare system when the insurance companies inserted their sticky fingers and polluted the sacrosanct doctor-patient relationship. The ease with this happened can be explained by the lubricating effect of mounds of money.While the medical profession were busy taking care of patients these white collar hoodlums went about concocting schemes to defraud both the American public and medical profession. Doctors are not politicians. Doctors are not trained in business. Doctors are the people that follow the highest calling to help their fellow men, and it is right, moral and justified that they are fairly remunerated for their valuable services without the constant insurance stonewalling and threat of frivolous lawsuits with no merit, no basis and a clear attempt to harass the doctor into disappearing.

Finally if no one has ever noticed the insurance companies do everything in their power to ensure they remain the faceless corporate raiders of the downtrodden and unfortunate.

America needs to wake up and make a change.

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