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The new face of medical marketing

The profession of medicine is no longer, for better or worse, a profession as it has become a trade. There are still members of the fraternity that live in the delusional world of Marucs Welby, when every doctor got a free cow and a couple of sheep in return for their kindly words and effective touches in the middle of the night. These days have rapidly evaporated and healthcare has now been launched into the arena of competitive commercial industry. Like it or not the rules of engagement are somewhat more rigorous and less ethereal, with tangible results a necessity if practitioner hope to survive.

One of the central keys to the thriving of a medical practice is the development of an original marketing and promotional strategy, that takes the time to intimately understand the client from both with in and without, and appreciate the optimal strategy that will uniquely work for the particular client.Placing billboards on busy highways is akin to the naivite of the peddlers of snake oil and yeilds little in either volume or quality of patient. All this form of promotion does is pad the bank account of the companies selling the space

We now, without question live in a digital world that responds to visual imagery that can impact in less that 2.5 seconds, and where this material is located is off course on the internet. However the precise location of the message needs careful consideration for the purchaser of healthcare services is markedly more savy than that of even ten years ago, and will be able to discern between paid advertisements and organically rated listings, the former which goes without saying generates fewer leads.An expression I first hear several years ago was that content was king and I must admit i did not fully grasp the importance of this one word, which has subsequently become the driving force behind the companies that succeed digitally. Good relevant content is not simply a collection of keywords strung together in a rather haphazard fashion with ultimately no point, but is instead a well written piece that is both educational and entertaining while, simultaneously achieving the goal of attracting the key serach engines to enable elevated listings on google.

Doctors were never trained to understand this new world of communication but it is essential they either do or hire experts in the field to assist in the development of their professional practice. The days of just placing a shingle are extinct and any young graduate contemplating this naive approach will soon find himself looking for another career.Content comes in several forms including copy, audio, video and images. Society has altered radically and it would be fair to say the video format is the most persuasive and powerful medium through which a practice can promote itself and the skills of its physicians. The 'profession' medicine once frowned on this practice but no it has absolutely no choice as the insurance companies and government have curtailed the amount a physician can make without resorting to these strategies. It would therefore be in the interests of these individuals to embrace this evolution of social interaction, feel no sham and get on with the business of medicine, as does every other industry. The creation of high quality relevant video content is critical to allowing the physician to differentiate him or herself from the crowd of doctors that surround them, particularly in urban practices, and with the assistance of Kaul Healthcare Consultants ,we believe a strong effective results oriented strategy cab be developed that will both elevate the profile and more importantly increase the bottom line.Doctors are not trained public speakers and KHC will devote resources and the time of seasoned speakers to impart the necessary skills and attributes to produce physician speakers that are knowledgeable and persuasive with mass audiences.The video format is now the most powerful and influential way of influencing the public, because it allows the viewers to absorb an incredible amount of information in a relatively short space of time that describes the character of the man talking as well as allowing the rapid assimilation of the relevant medical information. KHC understands these nuances from the over 150 years of joint experience it has collected in the field of healthcare dealing with crisis management, legal advice and business consulting.KHC is one of the most modern healthcare consultancy companies that provides well researched advice from a position of direct personal experience, a strength that not many other companies can honestly claim.Choose KHC for all your healthcare consultancy needs and we promise you the best service available in the sector.

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