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The aphrodisiac of success

Like it or not nothing succeeds like success and there is no more attractive aroma than the perfume of life victory. Success is the last result most usually of varying combinations of luck, fate, talent but most importantly tenacity and a refusal to give up in the face of overwhelmingly odds. The grittiness of character and the willingness to roll up ones sleeves and prepare for battle are necessary for victory for without the courage to walk down this road life will always hang the carrot of success at a barely visible but painful distance.

The absolute precursor to success is failure for it is in the depths of despair and defeat that the true metal of a man is tested and molded and the few that are able to rise from the ashes will go onto great heights of achievement having assimilated the traits, patterns and strengths to confidently overcome any obstacle that might cross their future path.

The old adage that it is not what happens to you but how you deal with it that counts is integral to the perception of success that others interpret about your character. What matters more to most people is the bravery, determination and courage with which you fought the battle particularly if your opponent was an entity of much larger proportions. It is an easy undertaking to challenge a weaker opponent and this can be guaranteed to do nothing to further your credentials other than reinforce your reluctance to face a threat with dignity.

Women love a successful man for he represents security and strength, two qualities that most females crave and will do almost anything to procure. This state of what some would call female desperation continues despite the emancipation of the softer species with the granting of the vote in the 1920s and the burning of the bras in the 1960s, which paradoxically they are now wearing in droves.

The answer to all male -female romantic interactions lies in the genetic code and the battle of the sperm that is the precursor for the creation of the zygote. The stronger faster specimen will reach and fertilize the egg and his genetic gift will fuse with that of the egg to hopefully create a human specimen bestowed with both intelligence and good looks. However the unpredictability of genetic interaction can often lead to progeny that are genetically disappointing who will have the unfortunate burden of being referred to as the milkmans child.

Women are usually good at detecting partners that will be good providers, but can occasionally be confused by the con artist who hires well made Italian clothes, rents expensive cars and borrows his friends house as he courts the unwitting prey till his sperm finally hits the target.

Alternatively and more frequently it is the 'gold digger' that hunts down the man with money ensuring that she frequents haunts well known for their collection of wealthy suckers, who in my experience take some perverse pleasure in being abused and ridden like a desert camel for all their worth.

The mating game is understandable if one considers the need to materially provide for newborns and the critical role that a father has in the provision of these materials. It is this quest for survival that has caused the evolution of sensors in the female constitution that act as aphrodisiac detectors when choosing the right mate.

So does love really exist in the true romantic sense or is it just an adaption of human behavior designed to ensure a female the optimal chances of raising children ?

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